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About Us

Weinberg Senior Living provides quality, affordable apartments for people 62-plus and those younger than 62 with disabilities. Our communities have been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of our residents and provide them the opportunity to live an active and social lifestyle.

Our communities feature amenities such as libraries, community rooms and dining areas where residents may enjoy meals, group activities and visits with friends and family. Additionally, our communities offer a variety of floor plan designs, services and programs that support Weinberg Senior Living’s mission to help people age in place, gracefully.

Our staff members are friendly, supportive, professional and eager to assist residents. More then just employees, they enjoy what they do and take pride in the communities where they work.

The Weinberg Foundation & CHAI

Named in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Harry and Jeanette Weinberg of the Weinberg Foundation, the Weinberg Senior Living properties are owned by CHAI and operated by Edgewood Management. CHAI’s mission is to build thriving, stable communities in Northwest Baltimore by providing housing and related services. Since 1994 CHAI has built or renovated 14 senior adult communities with a total of 1,487 apartments. A variety of services are supported by CHAI in the Weinberg Senior Apartments to build a strong community in each building and to enrich the quality of its residents’ lives.